Why the Convenience of an Automatic Gate is Important

There are multiple situations where a property owner will install a gate within a fence line. This may be an opening to access a pasture or various types of enclosures on a farm or ranch. Some people who live out in the country install privacy fences around their home and property, and a gate is used to restrict access to the driveway. Whether the gate is used to contain livestock or provide security, the necessity to manually open and close the gate can be rather inconvenient.

Although bump & drive gates have various uses, automatic gates for farms are the most commonly ordered. Farmers and ranchers use equipment such as tractors, trucks and all-terrain vehicles to move feed wagons and various pieces of equipment around their property. Many times they must pass through gates into livestock enclosures, and prevent the animals from getting out is important. Unless the driver of the vehicle has a helper to open and close gates quickly, the animals will likely be able to sneak through. A bump and drive gate solves this dilemma and eliminates the need for an extra worker.

Gates that are equipped to open and close through the use of a mechanical attachment are available for gates from 12 to 32 feet in length, and the installation can be easily completed by one person within a few hours. Anyone who has worked on a farm or ranch is able to recognize the extent of time and effort that will be saved once these automatic gates have been installed at strategic locations on the property. Efficiency is an important factor for the profitable operation of farms and ranches today, and an automatic gate offers a helping hand to hardworking property owners. Farmers and ranchers are responsible for a large percentage of the foods available for sale in our modern supermarkets, so their ability to work efficiently is important to every consumer.

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