Want to be a Crane Operator?

While there seems to be a push towards sending kids to college, there’s also a misunderstanding that if you don’t attend college, you won’t be able to make a decent amount of money. That is false. The skills and trade sector offer up a variety of positions where workers actually make a very sizable income. Among those areĀ crane operators.

While the company you work for might have different requirements, by and large, the educational requirement for crane operators is either a high school diploma or a GED. As long as you received some form of primary education, you can potentially secure the job. That being said, there is a substantial amount of training that you will need to go under before you start working. Cranes are massive pieces of equipment that could seriously injure a large number of people–not to mention yourself–if you’re not properly trained.

It may be surprising to know, but cranes have actually been used since the time of theĀ Ancient Greeks. At the time, they were powered by either man or beasts like donkeys and used to construct tall buildings, much like today. In our current construction climate, there is a myriad of cranes that can be used for a project–both mobile and stationary. Some are mounted on a truck which can be driven on the highway and don’t require any other special equipment to transport or set up for use. There are cranes designed for rough terrain and even one known as a crawler which is used for rough and boggy terrain. Cranes aren’t just reserved for the construction sector either. They can be used on railroads, carrying containers off of ships, and even have been fitted to helicopters work as aerial cranes.

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As you might imagine, dependent upon what crane you want to operate, the level of training and education will likely increase. For those looking to work with aerial cranes, for example, you may not only need a pilot’s license, but you may need some form of secondary education as well. This is all dependent upon the company you work for; however, and their protocols and regulations.

To get started in this field, simply find your local company that’s hiring crane operators in Springfield IL, for example, and see what they need from you. To set yourself apart from the other potential workers, you may want to consider at least getting an associate’s degree in a particular field of construction or whatever sector of crane work you’re looking to join, so you can show them that you’re serious about your work and willing to learn. You’ll also want to undergo licensing and certification to be able to work with cranes.

By the end of it, and after you’ve been hired, you’ll enjoy making decent money without having to sink tens of thousands of dollars into education. You can become an important part of a company’s quality of work. All you need to do is show initiative and be prepared to work hard.