The Essentials of Glamping – 101

What Sets Glamping Apart from Traditional Camping

Glamping is a blend of glamor and camping whereby various essentials are included in a camping adventure, and to some extent resort-style services. It often gives a person the sense of camping and comfort at the same time, unlike in traditional camping where there is a lot of strain. Glamping is mainly awesome for couples and families with kids.

There are many kinds of glamping, each of them distinct from the other. They involve structures such as tree houses, yurts, safari tents, campervans, domes, tipis, nature lodges, caves, eco-pods, huts, barns, igloos, cabins, cabooses, floating cabins, caravans, log cabins, bell tents, islands, tented cabins, cottages, and so on which provide a lot of access to nature.

Here are the various elements that make glamping exceptional:

Traditional camping involves just a tent and mostly occurs in the woods. Glamping has so many options you can choose from, such as being on the water, in the mountains or forest, near the beach, and so on. Other than that, the structures where you can put up are plenty, different, and impressive you are spoilt for choice.

Coziness and expediency
Traditional camping adventures can include sleepless nights, days on end without a shower, and this can leave you tired. Glamping includes amenities such as lighting, heaters, air conditioning, fridges, etc. which make the experience pleasurable. This lets you take things easy during your camping adventure so that you can be more relaxed to enjoy the moments. Picture yourself fine dining and asleep on a soft bed in the wild after extended hours of cycling or hiking, or enjoying a cold beer with your friends in a warm tented cabin up in the mountains. Wouldn’t you love that?

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When glamming, you and your friends or family do not experience congestion like is the case in traditional camping. Many glamping sites also design their structures in such a way they leave enough room for movement and kids to play so that you can have a good time.

Camp sites are friendly and enjoyable. You get to bond more with your friends and family over various activities like bonfires, games, hikes, etc. The comfort and convenience that glamping brings makes it possible for you to have more fun because you are not uneasy over a drastic change in lifestyle. Abrupt change makes many individuals to be stressed out, and glamping leaves you as comfortable as you always are on other days, except that it takes you to a new environment.

Hence, if you would like to go camping with your frinds or family or spouse, glamping will give you an excellent break from your everyday life. With the boundless variety it holds, you can trust that you will find something that will bring you all the best time of your lives.

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