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Your Enterprise And Mobile App Testing.

With the advancement of the mobile technology and the advent of smartphones, more and more people are using the mobile device for the purposes of accessing the internet and communication. A study has shown that the number of people who will be using laptops or desktops to access the internet will drop considerably compared to the number that uses mobile devices to access the internet.

With the popularity of smart phones on the rise, competition between the app developers is also on the rise since they all want their apps to be the best. Testing the developed app before launching it to the public is the best way to ensure your mobile app the best in the market and to generate profits. This is done in order to correct any glitches that may contribute to dissatisfaction among customers.

To conduct the process of app testing, you have to follow certain procedure which are simple but effective and can save you time. Following these steps will help you to expand your customer base as well as earn you profits from the loyal and satisfied customers.

Know which devices are the most popular. As a developer, you must first determine which type of device is popular among your target customer. This helps you in creating an app that is compatible with these devices and the test them accordingly. You must also be far sighted to be able to tell the devices that will become popular in future.

Legacy devices. Some devices take over the market and creates a place among customers by their own rights. Although such mobile phones may no longer be in the market, they still remain the favorite among customers.

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Global thinking. Ensure you also have the global market in mind when you want to test your mobile app. As your enterprise will be growing, so will the customer base. This growth can go beyond the boundaries of your country. Therefore you need to test the app in a manner that your global customers will be satisfied with your services.

Size matters. Statistics shows that by 2020, they amount of people who use smart phones will increase to 24 billion. There will be a surge in the types of devices with an increase in customers. When you want to test the developed apps, you need to consider the size of the screen as well as resolution of the device. Since devices like apple watch, Samsung gear, Google glass and so forth can be used to access apps, you also need to have them in mind.

Android and iOS. This point is very persistent and every developer should take t into account. While many app users use androids, a global survey shows that 50% time for app testing is set aside for iOS.

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