Replacing Your Central Air Conditioning

In the heat of the summer, the only thing that makes most homes livable is the AC. Without it, enjoying sleeping, sitting and even eating would be impossible. A hot sweltering home is simply unbearable. People who are forced to deal with a non-working AC often escape to the mall or the grocery store, rather than sit at home wiping sweat. If your AC is not working once again, it is probably time to replace it with an updated model with more energy efficiency. To get started, use AC replacement Cincinnati OH to locate the best model for your home.

Typical AC Problems

1) A dirty filter can restrict airflow. Homes that run their air conditioner non-stop and homes that have pets need to clean or replace their air filter like clockwork, once every month.

2) Your home is not air tight and warm air is leaking in around the AC unit or the windows. To get better performance out of your AC unit, seal off the air leaks.

3) Don’t keep hot appliances near the AC. The AC unit will sense the heat and run longer than necessary because of the false readings.

4) Thermostats sitting near a sunny window will register higher heat and run longer than necessary. Pull the shades in sunny rooms during the hottest hours of the day.

5) When’s the last time a¬†technician¬†checked your AC. If you haven’t had an annual checkup in a while, it could explain why your AC isn’t functioning properly. It hasn’t had the refrigerant level checked or the moving parts checked, or the system recharged.

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6) Your registers can’t distribute the cooler air because they are dirty or somehow blocked. Clean registers regularly and remove all blockages from around or in front of all air outlets.

7) Your outdoor compressor is sitting in a jungle outside. Remove wildly overgrown plants from the immediate surroundings of your outdoor compressor. It needs free flowing air around it to function properly.

8) Lastly, check that your thermostat is on the right setting. You should have your temperature set higher for when you’re not at home during working hours and lower for your arrival from work. You’ll save 3% for every degree higher you can set your thermostat in the summer.

Replacing Your AC

If all else fails and its obvious you need to replace your AC, shop for the best fit for your needs. Assuming you will not want to buy a single AC unit, but would prefer central air conditioning, look for these general things:

1- Consider the Central¬†AC’s efficiency: Be sure to replace both the outdoor condenser and the indoor evaporator at the same time to maintain higher efficiency.

2- Check the SEER Rating: The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating number should be higher to insure you’ll spend less to get adequate cooling. Look for a SEER of 15 to 17.

3- Look for these Energy Saving Features: Large coils transfer heat efficiently; a high temperature rating equals a high efficiency operation; a variable-speed blower means less energy consumption; a fan-only switch indicates air can be moved without the air being initiated; an automatic delay switch allows you to use residual cool air; and a filter indicator light tells you when the filter needs to be changed.

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