Preparing Your Aboveground Pool for Spring and Summer Use

The best thing about the end of winter for any pool owner is thoughts about the upcoming spring and summer months of use. Take this time to ma sure your pool is in great condition and that you have all the supplies you need on hand.

Uncover and Clean

The cold will be disappearing before too many more weeks go by. You’ll need to begin making a plan to get your aboveground pool ready for use. The first order of business will be to uncover the top and thoroughly clean the surface. Use chemicals that are recommended by the manufacturer of the pool.

Check the Condition

Has the pool undergone any damage over the winter? Make sure that your pool liner is in good shape and will hold water. It will be disappointing to find out at the last minute that it needs replacing.

Get Any Needed Repairs Done Now

Check the pump, filters, and pipes to make sure everything is intact and works. As winter approaches spring, it’s the best time to get any repairs done. You don’t have to shut down the pool action to have parts replaced or get repair work done.

Make Sure Any Tree Limbs are Close Objects Won’t Damage the Pool in High Wind Conditions

Spring can be a month that brings thunderstorms, which can often have strong winds. Do a complete visual inspection of the area. Remove any weak or dead tree limbs that overhang the pool. Move any objects away from the pool that can cause damage if the winds blow it over or into the side of the pool.

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Purchase Items Like Automatic Pool Cleaners Before the Pool Season Starts

Have all of your pool care chemicals, testers, and cleaning supplies handy before the season starts. Get all of the wanted gadgets like automatic pool cleaners well ahead of the season to avoid low and out-of-stock situations.

Use a dependable source for installation, repairs, pool chemicals, and automatic pool cleaners Pittsburgh pool owners rely on for quality materials, repairs, and affordable pricing.