Increasing Your Home’s Safety and Privacy

There are several steps you can take to keep your property safe while you’re gone and maintain privacy when you’re at home. Many of these steps can serve a dual purpose which can help justify the cost. You can have a home with beautiful curb appeal and a level of safety and privacy you’re comfortable with.


An attractive wood fence can increase the curb appeal of your home. It’s difficult to create a relaxing backyard oasis if your yard is open to the adjoining and nearby properties. A wood fence provides the privacy you need to create a backyard retreat you and those you invite there can enjoy. A wood fence can provide a safe enclosure for your dog. You’re going to need a good gate to secure your property. Custom gates in Portland OR can create a gate design that complements your home’s exterior details and provides the security you desire.


Fences and custom gates in Portland OR are a good starting point for creating a safe outdoor space. However, you can increase the level of safety by adding a secure storage building to your backyard. Keeping tools and lawn equipment locked away in the building can prevent a burglar from having access to items that could be used to break into your home.


Security lights can add safety to your home. Motion sensor lights deter thieves from approaching your door. A well-lit yard discourages potential thieves from approaching your home. Exterior lighting can increase your home’s curb appeal and deter thieves from wandering around your home. Keeping shrubs trimmed and areas of your yard illuminated will eliminate a hiding place for thieves.

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There are ways to increase your safety and privacy while spending little or no money. Don’t leave packaging materials at the curb advertising you have new electronics. Post warning signs indicating you have an alarm system or a guard dog. Install timers and don’t display valuables or collectibles where they can be seen through a window.