Hire a Fence Contractor for Installation

Last month my husband and I decided to let one of our friends install a fence in our yard. When we visited his home, he mentioned he installed his own fence and he was familiar with the process. The main reason we hadn’t installed one yet is that we were too low on funds to hire a fence contractor. We thought we were saving money by having a knowledgeable person and friend complete the job. The fence we picked out was nice and the work seemed sturdy at first until we had a windy storm. Not only did our fence blow over, but it damaged a few parts of the landscape we worked so hard on. Of course, there was no warranty and no one to call for a service repair. We learned from that experience and we are holding on to the fence material until we can find a fence contractor. You can learn from our mistake as well. When you’re looking to install a fence, make sure you hire a seasoned fence contractor, do your research on the contractor you choose and have an idea of your needs and your budget.

Hiring a Fence Contractor

It may not seem like a serious job but installing a fence is not always simple. When you look for your contractor, make sure it is someone who has completed your type of job several times before. Make sure they do your type of work. Whether you need commercial or residential, pick an expert that handles your type of service need. Our friend’s fence installation didn’t work on us, but it worked on his yard. Perhaps there was a different type of soil or he didn’t dig deep enough for our type of yard. A real expert already knows what to do for these situations. A huge bonus in hiring a contractor is warranty and replacement. Customer service also puts a smile on my face when I think of it. Having someone to call because something has either failed or is damaged is like an insurance policy in itself. A real contractor will help you if a job you’ve paid for has suddenly collapsed.

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Research Your Contractor

When you meet with your contractor ask about their website. Ask about a portfolio. Take the name and look online for customer reviews. In today’s world, someone is bound to post a negative remark about poor service. Be wary of using anyone with a bunch of bad reviews. We have done our research and I think we will be happy with our fence contractor. This time around we searched for fencing services Lawsonville NC.

Know Your Needs

Take a look at some materials to get an idea of what you like so you can ask the contractor about it. Also, try to measure your area. I’m not sure our measurements are accurate, but we measured our fencing needs ahead of time to see what we needed. Some contractors will come out to your property for free to take a look at what your needs are. Free estimates are extremely helpful because there’s nothing worse than paying for an estimate and not wanting to use the contractor. In those cases, I think I feel more of an obligation.


If you’re in the market to install a fence, just sit tight until you are ready. In the meantime, you can be looking around to see what type of fence you want so you are better prepared when you do have the funds to contact the contractor. Now that we know you’ll need a fence just be sure to: use an expert, research the expert and know your service needs.