Five Exterior Home Trends That You Should Consider

There’s always been a focus on interior design trends. It seems like homeowners are never focused on exterior design trends. The exterior of your home is just as important as its interior. These designs make your home pleasing and inviting. Like interior trends, these trends have an influence on your home’s exterior and can transform your garden and landscaping areas. These exterior trends are completely different from the interior trends. They’re more reflected by the architects, designers, and landscapers who get their inspiration from the current design industry. Here are the five most important exterior trends that you should look into.


Texture is becoming increasingly important in exterior design. This is being communicated with contrasts of colors and patterns. Patterns are being recognized with the popularity of bricks. This texture trend is focusing on craftsmanship, which has become important to interior designers. Contrasts with glossy paints also fall under this trend. This trend started out in interior design and is now being expressed in the exterior. One way to combine texture is with modern steel for your roof and standard steel on your gutters and trims.

Red Bricks

Speaking of brick, red bricks are making a comeback in a big way. They’re being used on heritage buildings and classic homes. This ancient material once used by the Romans has a premium finish that brings a whole new level of warmth to your home. It’s not being used for the entire house, rather, it’s being used to complement your home’s exterior. It’s even being combined with other materials for a modern look.

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Natural Finishes

Thanks to modern homes, natural finishes are making a comeback as well. This trend has appealed to Millennials who are taking an interest in authentic and natural materials. Some of these finishes have referenced bygone eras like the Victorian and the Renaissance era. Some natural finishes that are being used include stained finishes and timber.

Neutral Colors

There has been a great deal of interest in neutral colors. These basic colors aren’t going away anytime soon. They’re becoming more elegant and refined. These neutral colors are modernized with natural materials such as bricks, concrete blocks, and roofing, which reflects back to the texture trend. Even most prefab garages have been featuring neutral colors. Homeowners like to transform their garages into their own man caves, or she sheds. These neutral colors have been complemented with bold colors like jet black or navy blue. These bold colors add a subtle shock of color to any garage.

Industrial Styles

There has been a recent trend in which old factories have been transformed into apartment buildings and city dwellings. They’ve been used for both commercial and residential reasons. The industrial trend has been linked back to the brick trend, which was previously mentioned. This industrial look is easier than ever to achieve. Many manufacturers have provided recycled and distressed bricks that are just as durable as the latest materials on the market.