Exterminating Household Pests

One of the first hurdles a new homeowner must face is the challenge of dealing effectively with household pests on their own without the oversight of a landlord. Anyone who has ever had to work with a pest control agency will share the worries that they have regarding their choices. Will the company be able to get rid of the pest problem? Will my family, my children or my dog be hurt by the poisons sat out for the pests? Will this cost an arm and a leg or can I afford it?

Ridding your home of disease carrying pests is wise especially if you have young children or pets in your home. Not only is your home safer if you have an exterminator make regular visits to your residence, it is cleaner and freed from the likelihood of disease. Calling an exterminator fairfax va will help with getting your home will be pest free.

The Typical Pests Plaguing Any House

Carpenter ants build their homes inside the wood that supports your home. Fire ants that fight back with stingers that truly hurt. The American roach which reaches large sizes and is the most terrifying to see. The Oriental roach that is only slightly smaller than his American cousin. The German roach who is the typical roach seen in most homes. The Brown-banded roach the smallest of them all. Mice are only pregnant for 20 days, so they multiply very quickly in a home they have infested. The most common rat found living in a house is the brown rat. There are four classifications of termites plaguing American homes: drywood termites, dampwood termites, formosan termites, and subterranean termites. Most spiders that are found in homes are harmless, but there are three spiders the Brown Recluse, the Black Widow and the Hobo spider which are dangerous to all family members. Raccoons, squirrels and bats make their way into homes via openings like doorways, windows and holes in the structure.

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Specific Types of Exterminators

These are the usual suspects that are found uninvited living in your home. They get in through water pipes, cracks and slither under doorways. Many of them have collapsible bone structures like mice which can squeeze through cracks as small as 2 centimeters across. For each type of pest, you’ll need to search for an exterminator who specializes in that particular pest. Specializing really does make the exterminator that more of an expert.


You would call a termite expert to rid your home of termites and a mouse expert to eliminate a mouse problem. Each exterminator has mastered the use of pesticides that are the safest and the most effective for the particular pests they are targeting. For instance, there are different types of pesticides: insecticides kill arthropods or insects, while acaricides and miticides kill spider mites. Pest control is either made to control the pests via biological means or with chemical measures. Biological agents are usually made from fungi, viruses or bacterial elements. These can kill pests like fire ants. Chemical pesticides are either organic in nature, near-organic or inorganic or synthetic. Organic means the substance is made from botanical elements or it is fermented. The remaining two insecticides are of questionable composition and not necessarily recommended if you value your health.