Common Problems with Garage Doors

Garage doors are built strong and durable, designed to protect the garage and your valuable belongings. Many homeowners use their garage as an entrance and an exit from the home in addition. Although made to provide many long-lasting years of use, garage doors do have many components inside that may wear out or become damaged, preventing proper door use. When the garage door isn’t working like it should, phone professionals for residential garage door repair Phoenix AZ at once.

Expert Garage Door Repair

Tons of issues can interfere with the normal operation of the garage door, but most are repairable with an expert on the job. The longer that you wait to make the call for service, however, the worse the damage becomes and costlier to repair. Besides, many of the issues that cause the garage door to malfunction decrease its normal operation so putting off a repair only adds frustration and headache to your life. Professionals can inspect the door, diagnose the problem, and provide a quick, efficient solution.

Common Issue: Transmitter Trouble

Transmitters oftentimes wear out and need repair. There could be a problem with the transmitter if the door isn’t automatically opening and closing on its own. Before you call a professional to check for a transmitter issue, make sure the batteries in the unit are not dead. Many times, battery replacement is the fast and easy solution to this type of issue. Of course, there are dozens of other transmitter issues that could be the culprit of your troubles, however.

Common Issue: Garage Door Photo Eye

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The trouble with the garage door photo-eye is yet another common issue of trouble. The photo-eye is a lens that communicates with sensors that tell the door when to open and when to close. Usually, when there is an issue with the photo eye, the door will not open. Dirt and debris covering the eye of the lens is oftentimes the culprit, but it could also be a misalignment issue causing the trouble. It is best to let a professional take a look to determine the problem.

Common Issue: Door Opener Issues

The garage door opener is the source of complaint for many homeowners. When the switch and remote-control stop working, the door starts going in the reverse direction, or when other door opener issues arise, it is usually only a simple repair necessary to resolve the problem but it is vital that you phone an expert rather than attempt repairs yourself.

Professional Repair Done Right

These garage door issues are just a few of the many problems that can interfere with the usage of your garage door. Whether it is one of the problems described here or other issues, make sure you pick up the phone and call an expert to schedule repair service as soon as possible. The longer you put off repair, the more trouble you will endure later. Don’t suffer from the issues when garage door repair is the fast solution.