Common Causes Of Roof Damages

It goes without saying that the purpose of houses, apartments, shacks, shanties, tents, sheds, and other residential buildings is to provide shelter from insects, animals, other organisms, and the elements. An essential requirement for structures that provide shelter is the roof. Without roofs, our residences would effectively be worth nothing. Gusts of wind would flow right over the walls, precipitation would accumulate on the floor, and homes couldn’t trap hot air inside during the winter or cold air indoors during warmer months. Roofs are obviously important, as is keeping roofs in good shape. Here are a few common causes of roof damage.


Trees usually live for well over 100 years before they die and fall to the Earth. However, limbs and branches fall seemingly all the time. This holds especially true during the winter months, as moisture within trees can freeze due to below-freezing temperatures. As this moisture freezes, it expands, potentially causing parts of trees to slam to the ground.

Animals, Primarily Squirrels

Squirrels are talented at climbing power lines, jumping from trees, and doing whatever it takes to get the nuts they go crazy for. Oftentimes, squirrels end up jumping on top of homes. Although they won’t typically take poisonous bait or be scared of humans making loud noises, it is possible to say “goodbye” to squirrels jumping on your roof. Thick sections of sheet metal can be wrapped around trees and foot-long sections of PVC pipe can be affixed to wires to make climbing or otherwise getting around impossible.

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Bad Gutters

Failing, faulty gutters can result in a number of serious roof issues. If gutters are clogged with debris, water can pool up on your roof and cause serious damage. Further, iced-over gutters can do the same thing. Uncleaned gutters can also promote mold, mildew, and other fungus growth.

Imagine living in a house or apartment without a roof over your head. Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of paying rent? Maintaining the well-being of your home’s roof is integral to having a good place to live. Need help? Don’t hesitate to seek expert help for residential roofing st charles county mo.