All About Lift Stations

Not many people probably know what a lift station is. No, it is not a spot in a gym. Actually, it is far from it. A lifting station is essentially a large hole in the ground which is lined with concrete and is where waste is drained into. Once enough waste is collected into the lift station, it is pumps with very powerful grinders vacuum, or “lift”, the waste into the main line of the city. The pumps of the lift station are automatically triggered by floaters much in the same way that the float in the toilet tank turns off the water.

Lift stations are used in instances when the property being developed is too far from the city lines, either in distance or in buried height. The station will lift the waste from its own tank up and into the line that the city maintains. From these lines, it will eventually go into the waste processing plants.

When only sanitary waste is being deposited into the lines, there is not much cause for concern and very little maintenance will be needed. However, if there are tenants that are utilizing a grease trap or if there are other ways in which grease is being introduced into the station, then lift station cleaning Orlando will certainly be in order.

A professional cleaning company will come and inspect the station and recommend a cleaning schedule. this schedule must be adhered to in order to prevent any problems which may interfere with the efficient operation of the station. After cleaning is performed, the station should be completely free of caked-on grease, debris on the bottom of the station floor, other solid waste which may be floating in the waters. The company should provide photos of the cleaned station if the property owner is not present to see the job being completed.

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