4 Ways Preventative AC Service Can Be a Smart Investment

With summer temperatures that can easily reach into the 90s, Conroe, TX, is definitely a place where air conditioning is often a necessity and not just an option. Give this fact, you may be well-aware of the importance of getting your AC repaired as quickly as possible when it’s not working as expected. However, preventative air conditioning services can be just as beneficial — and sometimes even more so. Here are four reasons why.

1. Optimizing AC Equipment Lifespan

Air conditioning units have an average life expectancy of 10-15 years. Granted, several factors can affect how long it will be before you have to consider replacement. Even so, regular maintenance service and preventative care can minimize wear and tear on fans, compressors, and other essential parts, keep your AC from working harder than it has to, and make it easier to perform repairs.

2. Improving Energy Efficiency

Just because your AC is working doesn’t mean it may not be wasting energy. If you’re starting to see higher utility bills, it could mean there are parts that need to be cleaned, repaired, replaced, or adjusted. A typical system checkup and cleaning usually involves cleaning fan blades and cooling coils, looking for refrigerant leaks, and testing thermostat accuracy. A system that’s serviced before there’s a serious problem is ultimately more likely to maintain its energy efficiency.

3. Boosting Indoor Air Quality

When most people hear the words “air pollution” outdoor air is what often comes to mind. Yet there are several studies that suggest indoor air quality can sometimes be worse than what’s experienced outside. Part of the reason for this is because dirt, debris, contaminants, and other indoor air pollutants can quietly build up inside of various AC components and ductwork. Preventative AC service can keep indoor pollution related to your cooling system to a minimum, which can also contribute to less sickness and fewer issues with allergies and respiratory conditions.

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4. Cutting Down on Costly Repairs

When an air conditioner isn’t being maintained well, problems tend to slowly build up to the point where immediate attention is needed, often at times when it’s not convenient to be without AC. Preventative maintenance can also mean not having to deal with serious or widespread damage that’s not all that easy to repair quickly or affordably. Experienced AC technicians are trained to spot parts that are showing signs of wear before air conditioner performance is significantly affected.

Preventative air conditioning services Conroe TX residents and business owners take advantage of can also result in consistently comfortable indoor spaces. This can certainly be a much-appreciated perk for anyone who regularly spends time inside relaxing, entertaining, working, or enjoying the comforts of home. The general recommendation with preventative service is to have your AC professionally cleaned and inspected at least once a year.